Physics of Radiofrequency Capacitive Discharge

Physics of Radiofrequency Capacitive Discharge 1st Edition, Kindle Edition
by V. P. Savinov
English | 2018 | ISBN: 1138600806 | 343 Pages | PDF | 30 MB

This book describes the physical mechanism of high-frequency (radio-frequency) capacitive discharge (RFCD) of low and medium pressure and the properties of discharge plasma in detail. The main properties and characteristics of RFCD, the features of electric breakdown in a high-frequency field are also investigated. The properties of near-electrode layers of a spatial discharge, the nature of the electric field in them, and the processes of charge transport to electrodes are explored. The work is intended for scientists engaged in gas discharge physics and low-temperature plasmas, graduate students and students of physics, physical chemistry, and relevant specialties.
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